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This was a fun and challenging project!  10,000 square feet of polish in a 100% operational store, packed full with beautiful display cases containing small fragile bottles to large boxes of health food.  Under the direction of Roots owner Paul Cook, the Roots crew would move all of the displays and racks out of each area to be polished every night and return in the morning to put the displays back in place.  The walls and display cases were covered with plastic nightly by our crew to protect all the products.  In between take down and set up SSI performed the polishing process.  We started work at 10 pm and continued until clean up time.  It was our goal to make sure no one knew we were there.  The store needed to be clean and ready for customers to arrive at 7 am.


The store had been stained and sealed just a few short years ago but unfortunately was severely damaged by equipment that was dragged across the floor.  When SSI originally bid the job the owner of Roots thought he wanted to have us stain the floor during the polishing operations to match what he had previously.


On the first night our crews cut the floor with 40 grit diamonds to remove the stain and sealer and noticed that the stain had penetrated deep into the concrete and left a subtle hint of stain behind.  The owner loved it and he decided not to stain the floor as previously planned.

The overall completed floor looks amazing with great reflection and clarity. And of course the shoppers were never inconvenienced.

Great job SSI Team


Kuni: Audi of San Diego

Our relationship with The Gravity Company lead us to this great contract to polish the floors in all the mechanic bays at Audi of San Diego. The project consisted of expansion into a nearby building to house the mechanic/repair area. The owners of Kuni wanted a “cool” floor and polished concrete was chosen as a simple, cleanable surface that makes these awesome cars look fantastic in the reflection.

The use of the building previously was warehouse and offices, so we had to contend with the cleanup of glue removal, oil stains and lots of damage to the surface. The spall crews was very busy chasing and repairing spalls. Overall there were not many other challenges other than a tight schedule and many crews working for the same space. Dave Ward, the superintendent for The Gravity Company, was great to work for. He runs his jobsites with proficiency, balancing his subcontractor productivity with the overall project schedule. This makes for a refreshing environment to work in and our job so much more enjoyable.

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