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Peltzer Cellars

One of the newest Wineries to open is Peltzer Family Cellars, Located on Calle Contento just east of Rancho California Road.  The Peltzer Family has been in Farming for 4 generations and now take a leap into grapes.  The Peltzer’s purchased this property 10 years ago and started growing grapes about 5 years ago, the building process took a few years and finally they are on the map.

Mrs. Peltzer is a well know Orange County Designer of homes and interior design it shows her heart and experience went into this new project. Surfacing Solutions has worked with her company on many projects over the years and were very excited to get involved with this special one.  All the interior building materials came from traveling the country looking for just the right fit to give it this unique look.

The floors were left to us to keep simple but nice. They did not want the floors to be over powering against the cool décor. So, we suggested the simple grind and seal option.  Keeping in mind she did not want the floors to be glossy to detract from the design pieces, so we chose Westcoat Sc 65 and 66 WB urethane.  The Sc 65 brings the natural color and texture out of the floor and the SC 66 kills the gloss to give it an earthy rustic look or even unsealed.  The results were subtle and effective……

PS: the tractor has been in the family all 4 generations recently restored to honor Great grandpa!  We suggest a visit to this one of a kind winery in Temecula.

Great job SSI Team


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