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Everything we do revolves around creating excellent ongoing relationships.  We strive to forge strong alliances with our clients.  We establish excellent bonds with the vendors we choose. Open communication and respect of our team generates great rapport with in the SSI family.


We are a forward movement company made up of evolving individuals. We invest time and energy for cultivation of personal and business devolvement. We are constantly striving for new information and knowledge, ways to improve our product and to uphold standards in our industry.


We build all we do off of the foundation of our principles. Our clients can trust in our honesty and rely on our candor. Determining what is best for our client and the particular needs of the job results in the best product for each unique project.

Featured Project

Kuni: Audi of San Diego

Our relationship with The Gravity Company lead us to this great contract to polish the floors in all the mechanic bays at Audi of San Diego.
The project consisted of expansion into a nearby building to house the mechanic/repair area. The owners of Kuni wanted a “cool” floor and polished concrete was chosen as a simple, cleanable surface that makes these awesome cars look fantastic in the reflection. The use of the building previously was warehouse and offices, so we had to contend with the cleanup of glue removal, oil stains and lots of damage to the surface. The spall crews was very busy chasing and repairing spalls.

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